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Benefits and features

Store any kind of information

With My Notes Center you can easily store your personal data, manage your notes, links, phone numbers, addresses, e-mails and even passwords, serial and credit card numbers.

Store with high reliability

Your data is stored in a special database with a hierarchical data structure represented by a file with .mnc extension. The size of such files is virtually unlimited (limited only by the size of free hard disk space available). The reason of using a special .mnc-format instead of any text format is to provide high reliability of saved information. You can compress your notebooks (with BZIP2) to reduce its size while continuing working with them!

Store with high security

My Notes Center provides you with extremely data protection features. It uses a very strong Blowfish448 encryption algorithm for protecting your information. You can specify up to 56 symbols as a password to protect your notes and keep it from other people's eyes.

Use tree-structured organization of your data

My Notes Center stores and represents your notes in a tree-structured form:

The possibilities of such tree used in My Notes Center are:
  • Arranging items (notes) by mouse
  • Highlighting items with any color and font style (bold, italic, underline)
  • Sorting items by name, size or creation time
  • Selecting custom icon for each note
  • Opening and working with many notebooks at one time
  • Renaming notes and notebooks

Use advanced text and paragraph formatting

You can format text like in WordPad and more! Select custom font, size, style, color and underline type. Choose paragraph alignment, numbering, indents and line spacing. Insert images and OLE-objects, symbols, date-time and separators with one mouse click! Adjust paragraph indents and add tabs visually with Office-like ruler.

Open everyday-using notebooks with favorites menu

You can add notebooks to Favorites menu and open them easily by selecting from menu (like in MS Internet Explorer). That is unique feature!

Customize everything

My Notes Center has a very customizable interface. You can change virtually everything in MNC appearance via Options dialog. Choose to minimize MNC to system tray, select hot-key to activate it, customize tree and editor visual appearance (font, background color, etc.). Set up default options for newly created notebooks and notes. And a lot of more!

Features currently under development

  • Truly custom images for notes (able to choose any image, even from .ico or .bmp file) - DONE!
  • New toolbars and menus (with OfficeXP style) - DONE!
  • Improved drag'n'drop notes (able to 'clone' notes with Ctrl pressed) - DONE!
  • Improved exporting and importing features - DONE!
  • Creating notes from templates - DONE!
  • Our own spelling engine (not depends on MS Office speller) - DONE!
  • 'Quick symbols' menu
  • Improved autosave feature (more reliable)
  • A lot of other fixes and improvements

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»» 09-Jan-2009
My Notes Center 1.5.3 is available. With a new spell checker (see Add-ons on download page).

»» 04-May-2008
My Notes Center 1.5.2 is available. With improved Portable Mode performace and Windows Vista compatibility.

»» 02-Jun-2007
My Notes Center 1.5.1 is available. Some fixes and new interface languages!
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