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Q: How to get a fully functional version of My Notes Center after purchase?
A: You can register your trial version of My Notes Center which is available here by applying a registration key. You'll find your personal key in the e-mail you've got after purchase from Regnow or Plimus services. The key looks like a set of numbers and latin letters located between "REG KEY BEGIN" and "REG KEY END" lines. Just copy the key including these lines into clipboard than choose "Register here..." item in Help menu in My Notes Center main window. MNC will become fully functional immediately or after restart (depends on trial period expiration status).

Q: I've found a bug while using My Notes Center?
A: Good :) We are welcome all bugreports and suggestions from our users, particularly during betatesing period. You can send bugreport from the program by selecting Help- >Send bugreport...

Q: What are MNC-files?
A: These files contain your notes in a special binary format used in My Notes Center. This format is not compatible with any other programs but it is very fast and reliable for storing your notes.

Q: What is "Share your knowledge"?
A: We say this when one of our alpha-testers saved a domain names table to .MNC-file (something like Ru - Russia, De- Deutsch, Fr - France), and we found this information very useful for other people. So we decided to make a special page in our site, where all users of MNC can place their own .MNC-files which could be interesting for other people.

Q: How can I obtain a free registration of My Notes Center?
A: Hmm... Definitely you can. The only way to receive free registration (as some kind of gift) is to send us a lot of bugreports and useful suggestions. When the final version is available, some more ways will be available...

Q: What is small window at the bottom of the main window?
A: This is clipboard viewer window. In future versions this will be improved to small but useful clipboard manager. Now it is just a simple viewer (with ability to view, clear clipboard contents or save it to file).

Q: What is the intended function of the Text Collector?
A: People use it for different purposes. For example, TC can automatically catch URLs from clipboard (if this option is set), also the text collector window may be placed on top of other windows being semi-transparent. You can place some text there as a kind of hint... Also you can create a large text by collecting a pieces of text from different sources... whatever you want...

Your questions could be here, just ask...

You can download the latest help-file in MNC format from Download page.
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»» 09-Jan-2009
My Notes Center 1.5.3 is available. With a new spell checker (see Add-ons on download page).

»» 04-May-2008
My Notes Center 1.5.2 is available. With improved Portable Mode performace and Windows Vista compatibility.

»» 02-Jun-2007
My Notes Center 1.5.1 is available. Some fixes and new interface languages!
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