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File menu

Menu item (shortcut) Description
New (Ctrl+N) Create new notebook. For more info about this item and below see working with notebook
Open... (Ctrl+O) Open notebook (you can select any of recent notebooks from submenu)
Close (Ctrl+F4) Close current notebook (if notebook is changed but not saved you will be prompted to save before closing)
Close all (Ctrl+Alt+F4) Close all currently opened notebooks
Save (Ctrl+S) Save current notebook
Save as... Save current notebook under different name
Save all (Shift+Ctrl+S) Save all opened notebooks
Pack notebook Pack notebook: remove obsolete fragments from MNC file, fit notes to reserved space
Export Export text to several formats including RTF, HTML, TXT
  From note... Export text from current note
  From subtree... Export from subtree. A lot of exporting options available
  Backup... Backup current notebook
Print preview... (Shift+Ctrl+P) Preview print results of current note. For more info about this item and below see working with notes
Print setup... Set up printer's options
Print... (Ctrl+P) Print current note or selected text
Preferences Set up My Notes Center preferences
  Main options... Change common options (affects MNC's appearance and working)
  Defaults for notes... Change default options (that will be assigned to all currently created notebooks)
  Interface language... Change interface language (available English, German, Russian and some more)
Stealth mode Switch to stealth mode - completely disappear from taskbar and system tray. Able to re-appear only by pressing a hot-key (if defined) or trying to start another MNC instance.
Exit (Alt+F4) Quit My Notes Center (hold Shift when choosing this item to skip saving changes for opened notebooks)

Edit menu

Menu item (shortcut) Description
Undo (Ctrl+Z) Undo last operation in editor. Multilevel undo is also supported. For more info about this item and below see editor features
Redo Redo operation
Cut (Ctrl+X) Cut selected text from editor to clipboard
Copy (Ctrl+C) Copy selected text from editor to clipboard
Paste (Ctrl+V) Paste data from clipboard to editor
Paste special... Paste data in specified format to editor (a dialog box will be displayed)
Select all (Ctrl+A) Select all text in editor
Auto-indent (Shift+Alt+A) Toggle auto-indent mode. See editor features.
Find... (Ctrl+F) Search for text in current note
Find again (F3) Search again (to look for the next appearance of search pattern)
Replace... (Ctrl+H) Search for some text and replace it with another one
Find in notebooks... Search for text in notebook or all currently opened notebooks
Goto line... (Ctrl+G) Jump to specified line of the note text
Math expression Working with mathematical expressions like "23*87/3+4" or "sin(3.14^2)+log(12)"
  Evaluate (Ctrl+=) Evaluate selected expression
  Paste last result Paste result of last evaluation to editor
Object properties... Display and modify selected OLE-object properties

View menu

Menu item (shortcut) Description
Toolbars Toggle visibility of MNC common toolbars (Main, Edit, Format, Insert, Misc)
Choose theme Choose menus and toolbars visual appearance called 'theme'
  Default Use default theme - supports Windows XP visual styles
  Office XP Use Office XP theme - looks like in Office XP
  Stripes Use Office X theme (Stripes) - Mac version of MS Office uses such appearance
  ... Other themes also available
Editor zoom Choose editor zoom factor
Ruler Toggle ruler. Ruler above editor helps to visually set paragraph indents and tab stops
Status bar Toggle visibility of status bar
Status clock Toggle visibility of clock in bottom-right corner of main window
Hide tree Toggle notes tree pane visibility
Fullscreen editor Toggle fit editor to main window
Clipboard viewer Toggle visibility of clipboard window
Text collector Toggle text collector visibility

Notebook menu

Menu item (shortcut) Description
Add note Add new note to current notebook. For more info about this item and below see working with tree
  As child (Ins) Add note as child (subnote) of selected note or notebook root item
  After selected (Alt+Ins) Add note after selected note (a new note will be inserted directly after current note)
  From Template (Shift+Alt+Ins) Add note from template file. See Templates dialog for more info
  Inherit parent note If checked - the note you're adding will have the same visual properties as the parent note (you may also hold Shift while adding the note to invert the status of this item)
Delete (Ctrl+Del) Delete selected note and all its subnotes
Rename (F2) Rename current note or notebook
Previous note (Alt+Up) Select previous note in tree
Next note (Alt+Down) Select next note in tree
Back (Alt+Left) Jump backward in notes selection history (similar to Internet Browser's 'Back')
Forward (Alt+Right) Jump forward in notes selection history
Move up (Ctrl+Up) Swap current note with previous sibling or reorder opened notebooks
Move down (Ctrl+Down) Swap current note with next sibling or reorder opened notebooks
Move higher (Ctrl+Left) Move current note to higher level (make it a child of its grand-parent)
Move lower (Ctrl+Right) Move current note to lower level (make it a child of previous sibling note)
Sort notes Sort subnotes of current note...
  by name (a to z) ... by name (case sensitive). Hint: to keep some note always at the top use '_' character before note name ('_notename'), to keep some note always at the bottom use '~' character ('~notename')
  by time (older first) Sort subitems by other rules
  by size (smaller first)
  by name (z to a)
  by time (newer first)
  by size (larger first)
Specials Some special actions
  Cut note to buffer Mark current note 'cut' to buffer. Actually, note will still be at its place until you choose one of next two items
  Paste as child Paste note from buffer as a child of selected note
  Paste after current Insert note from buffer after current note at the same level
Recover notes... Open the dialog allows to recover accidentally deleted notes
Revert note Revert note from notebook - restore its original content, which is currently saved in MNC file
Notebook properties Display and change notebook properties
  Visual options... Change visual options (font style, image for notebook root, change images for current notebook)
  Saving options... Change saving options (compressed state, reserved size and autosave interval)
  Security options... Change security options (protected state and notebook password)
  Author options... Change author options (author name, company and some comments for current notebook)
Properties... (Alt+Enter) Display and change current note properties (tree item font style, image, background color, text format, read-only state)

Format menu

Menu item (shortcut) Description
Font... (Shift+Ctrl+F) Choose font for current text. For more info about this item and below see editor features
Paragraph... Choose format for current paragraph (indents, alignment, spacing before and after, line spacing, numbering style)
Tabs... Set up tab stops
Apply style Apply a style to current note text
  Style 1 (Ctrl+N) Click on any style to apply it
Pick style Pick style from current text to any item in style menu
  Style 1 (Shift+Ctrl+N) Place a caret to text which style you want to pick, than choose an item in style menu
Style editor... Customize styles via dialog
Numbering style Choose numbering style for current paragraph. Available Bullets, Arabic numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, lowercase roman numerals, uppercase roman numerals
Underline type Choose underline type for current text. Available Single, Bold and Dotted types
Special Some special text properties
  Protected Make selected text non-editable (useful when making a kind of templates)
  Disabled Apply disabled (grayed) style
UPPERCASE Convert selected text to UPPERCASE. Warning: All text formatting when using this and three actions below will be lost!
lowercase Convert selected text to lowercase.
OEM to ANSI Convert current text assuming it is in OEM codepage to ANSI codepage.
ANSI to OEM Convert current text assuming it is in ANSI codepage to OEM codepage.

Insert menu

Menu item (shortcut) Description
Picture... (Shift+Alt+P) Insert picture to note. Currently supported BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF, JPEG, GIF and PNG pictures
From file... Insert text from TXT of RTF file
Object... Insert OLE-object (a dialog box will be displayed)
  Some OLE-object Insert a 'quick object'. You can place frequently used objects and files here...
Customize quick objects... Customize a list of 'quick objects'. See editor features
Current date (Ctrl+D) Insert current date to caret position in editor
Current time (Ctrl+T) Insert current time to caret position in editor
Date and time (Shift+Ctrl+T) Insert current date and time to caret position in editor
Symbol... (Shift+Ctrl+C) Insert any symbol with any font face to editor. See Insert symbol dialog
Separator (Shift+Alt+A) Insert separator in format, specified in MNC options
Hyperlink... (Ctrl+Alt+H) Insert or modify an URL or link to other note

Tools menu

Menu item (shortcut) Description
Check spelling...(F7) Check spelling of current note
Spell options List of languages that is supported by available spelling engines
  English If this list is disabled - no available spelling engines is installed. Currently supported MS Office 97/2000 spellers and spelling engine.
  Options... Customize some spelling options
Text language... Choose language of selected text
Customize hotkeys... Customize program hotkeys

Favorites menu

Menu item (shortcut) Description
Add favorite... Add current or any other notebook to the list of favorite notebooks
Organize favorites... Organize the list of your favorite notebooks
Favorite notebook 1 Here are the list of your favorite notebooks. Click on any notebook name to open it.

Help menu

Menu item (shortcut) Description
Help topics (F1) Display this help file
Keyboard shortcuts (Shift+F1) Display keyboard shortcuts topic in this help file
Tip of the day... Display tip of the day
Online information Quick access to some information in out site
  How to register... Browse to order page
  Latest FAQ... See latest Frequently Asked Question (and answers)
  Check latest version... Check for latest MNC version on Download page
Send feedback... Send message to
Register here... Click here to register My Notes Center. This item is hidden when registered
About MNC... Show dialog contains some information My Notes Center
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»» 09-Jan-2009
My Notes Center 1.5.3 is available. With a new spell checker (see Add-ons on download page).

»» 04-May-2008
My Notes Center 1.5.2 is available. With improved Portable Mode performace and Windows Vista compatibility.

»» 02-Jun-2007
My Notes Center 1.5.1 is available. Some fixes and new interface languages!
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